Since 2020 we have had confidential contact persons within Pelargos. You can approach them for anything you would like to talk to someone outside your immediate circle about. These could be personal issues, or problems with coaches or teammates, for example.

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Confidential contact persons 2023

Within Pelargos, we think it is important that everyone feels safe. We work hard to create a secure sports and club environment. There is no place within Pelargos for discrimination, racism, violence, bullying, abuse of power or any other form of (sexually) transgressive behaviour.

Confidential contact persons

An important part of social safety within the association are our confidential contact persons (VCPs). The confidential contact person is a first point of contact for you when you have to deal with transgressive behaviour and about any other matter you cannot or do not want to talk to the board about. You may also discuss personal problems with the VCPs. The confidential contact persons take reports, offer a listening ear and inform about possible follow-up steps.

There are currently two confidential contact persons at Pelargos. Niels Leerentveld and Marloes Nouwens can be reached via e-mail, whatsapp and telephone.

Niels Leerentveld

Marloes Nouwens

Tasks of the confidential contact persons:

  • first contact in the case of transgressive behaviour
  • offer a listening ear
  • help find a possible solution


Contact with the confidential contact persons is confidential. In addition, they act independently of the board.

External confidential contact persons

Would you like to contact confidential contact persons outside Pelargos? Then you can contact the KNRB’s VCPs or Centrum Veilig Sport Nederland.